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We provide complete "turn-key" services which include: Monthly Financial Reports, Operational Reports, Accounts Payable Services, Sales Tax Payment and Processing, Employee Payroll/Worker's Comp.  Operational reports are provided weekly or bi-weekly, and a complete "End of Month Report" including complete facility information (including marketing) is provided.


Understanding the necessary demographics required for a self-storage facility is critical.  It is also important to understand if the market shows room for expansion, or if it is saturated.  Our study defines (based on the Self-Storage Association Published Numbers) whether a store is feasibile, and if so, how many square feet/what type of units would be successful.



In many cases, a self-storage facility is operating, but may not be achieving the financial return required.  Our review takes into account all the factors involved in providing a self-storage unit at the best possible price.  Priced less than a Feasbility Study, the Marketing Review concludes with specifics on how to improve the financial return of a single or multiple stores.


Call Center Services are completely integared to our supported stores, allowing IMMEDIATE sales opportunities to occur.  With our services, there is no "training lag," waiting for the staff/associates, to come up to speed with best practices.  These services are integrated with our VOIP telephone service, email and text messaging applications.  No self-storage owner/ownership group, should "go it alone" in today's marketing environment.  We utilize the same "best practices" used by the REIT's and very large operators (because we were one of them).

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